Hello, dear guest! Let me introduce ourselves. Leicsprobation is a better community directory where we try to bring you understanding of an importance of a community in every person’s life. Regardless of where you are from and what is your history, you still can form ties with people from your neighborhood by simply doing routine everyday tasks together. Believe me, it is not hard to make a first step and reach out towards people around you. But unfortunately there are not only kind and friendly people out there. There are also some that act bad whether by their own intentions or out of offense, jealousy or rage. Inner motives can be different, but behaviors is the same and it is equally not accepted in every healthy community. That’s why our mission is to protect inhabitants by guiding offenders in the community and eliminating or at least decreasing offending. We do this by working with men and women who have problems in life and can not control their emotions and actions and instead try to enable and motivate them to live productive and lawful lives. As a leading Probation Trust we are developing innovative working practices to fulfill our mission in the best manner and protect victims of crimes.

Our activities involve getting unemployed trouble makers into doing useful working activity because getting into work is known to have positive impact on a person and reduces the risk of offending someone in the future.


In the future we plan to continue working on helping people who are lost and need support. Besides, plan to expand our positive influence on neighborhood communities and even become a center of rehabilitation of offenders. We are planning to supervise more and more offenders who have been assessed as being low and medium risk cases thus protecting our society. Every person, whether a victim, an offender or a volunteer is free to join us and make this world better!


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